Tangless Inserts and Hand Tools

Tangless® Inch & Metric Inserts

  • FOD-Free Design: No tangs to break off, retrieve… or lose.
  • Approved for use on military programs by NASM8846 and NAS1130.
  • Cost Reduction: Significantly decreased installation and inspection time.
  • Bi-directional design eliminates insert orientation requirement.
  • Quick, non-destructive removal prevents damage to castings.

NASM8846, and were added to NASM8846, the procurement standard for helical coil inserts to give you the option to use the Tangless design on military programs. Paragraph 6.3.1 of NASM8846 states “The decision to select tanged inserts or tangless inserts shall be made by the design activity.”

Tangless® Inserts are designed to replace tanged helical coil inserts as specified in NASM122076 and NASM124651 series (standard thread) and NASM21209 (locking thread); they install in standard STI tapped holes per MS33537. Installed inserts provide a finished thread meeting the requirements of FED-STD H28/2 and accept standard bolts or screws (MIL-S-7742) or UNJ (MIL-S-8879).


Tangless® Inserts may be installed by hand or power tooling with the same mandrel assembly.

  • Tooling utilizes a “blade” that applies torque to a notch in the end of the coil for installation.
  • Installation depth can be adjusted easily for virtually any application.
  • Driving blades (pawls) are replaceable and increase the overall life of the tool. (One pawl fits all systems)

Tangless® Part Numbers/Cross Reference


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