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Inserts and Kits, Inc. offers innovative manufacturers the opportunity to design high quality products using lighter weight metals as well as standard materials. Coil-Sert® inserts can be used in aluminum and magnesium alloys, carbon fibres and other materials to achieve stronger and more reliable threads than the parent material alone. Coil-Sert® brand inserts are widely used by manufacturers in a variety of markets including the following:




Coil-Sert® and Tangless® Inserts are precision engineered and have been put through rigorous torque, tension and vibration tests as well as comprehensive dimensional inspections and metallurgical analysis in attaining their MIL-Spec qualifications. Inserts have been thoroughly tested by an independent testing laboratory and are certified to conform to NASM8846. Copies of these reports are available upon request. In addition, Coil-Sert® Kits Inserts and Tools are in conformance with the following military standards and other specifications:

Unified Thread Sizes
AS/NASM Standards Standards Coverage
AS7245 Insert, Screw Thread,
Helical Coil, Corrosion Resistant Steel
NASM8846 Insert, Screw Thread
Helical Coil – Procurement Spec
AS5272 Dry Film Lubricant (Type I)
Optional coating
A-A-59158 Tools for Inserting
and Extracting Helical
Coil Inserts
NASM122076 Series Insert, Corrosion Resistant
Helical Coarse Thread
NASM124651 Series Insert, Corrosion Resistant
Helical Fine Thread
& NASM124651
Insert-Screw Thread Free Running
NASM21209 Insert-Screw Thread Screw-Locking
NASM33537 Assembly and Dimensions, Helical Coil Insert
NAS1130 Tangless Inserts, Free-Running and Locking
QQ-P-416 Cadmium Plating (Type II) – Optional coating
Metric Thread Sizes
MA Standards Standards Coverage
NA0276 Inserts, Screw Thread, Helical Coil, Free-Running and Self-Locking, Tangless, Metric
MA1565 Procurement Standard, Metric Helical Insert
MA1567 Assembly Dimensions, Metric Helical Coil Insert
MA3279 Inserts, Metric, Free-Running, Helical Coil, Uncoated
MA3280 Inserts, Metric, Free-Running, Helical Coil, Lubricated
MA3281 Inserts, Metric, Free-Running, Helical Coil, Cadmium Plated
MA3329 Inserts, Metric, Locking, Helical Coil, Uncoated
MA3330 Inserts, Metric, Locking Helical Coil, Lubricated
MA3331 Inserts, Metric Locking, Helical Coil, Cadmium Plated