Air Tools & Front End Assemblies

Utilize Pneumatic Power...


The Coil-Sert® Kits Air Installation Tool is designed for use with strip feed or bulk inserts. However, with the feeder slot located in the front end assembly, it is an ideal choice for strip feed packaged inserts.



The Coil-Sert® Air Tool will accommodate both Tangless® and tanged inserts and installs sizes from 2-56 up to 1/2" & Metric M2.5 up to M12. The prewinder on the front end assembly (nose piece) for the air tool is designed to compress and guide the insert for easier installation. The Coil-Sert® Air Tool also features "semi-automatic" installation--simply release the lever to reverse the air motor. The efficiency of this tool reduces overall installation time and is ideal for high volume strip feed insert users.



Air Motor

Front End Assembly Prewinder Mandrel
Large Adaptor
Spacers Small Adaptor


Please note: AT510-1 is the part number for the air motor alone. The complete air tool requires an adapter, front end assembly, filter -regulator-lubricator, and for some sizes (2-56, 4-40, M2.5 & M3), a Clutch Drive. All required components are available from INSERTS AND KITS, INC.


The Coil-Sert® Air Tool will also work with Helicoil® and Recoil® brand inserts, and some components may be interchangeable with Helicoil® and Recoil® brand tools.